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You’re thinking of getting someone to manage your investment property but not sure? Or you have had it managed and you have had a bad experience?


  • who can you trust?

  • will they look after your property as good as you would?

  • will they pick suitable tenants?

  • will vacancies be minimised?

  • will your property suffer damage?

  • can you trust them to handle your money?


We had the same thoughts and questions when we were looking for someone to manage our own portfolio. We had also heard from fellow investors / homeowners that they feels a bit like a number when interacting with their property management company.


That is why we decided to create living management ltd, to ensure properties are managed with the care and attention required to put your mind at rest.

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We use the latest technologies to market your property to the widest possible audience using social media to advertise your property targeting the demographic that best suits your property.

BUT we go even further than that! living management has a strategic partnership with an interior design/property styling company. We can offer you the immersive marketing package that can potentially increase your rent by investing in a property styling package and 3d virtual walkthrough.


We ensure both landlords and tenants receive a professional experience, every time in dealing with living management. Our relationship with you is consistent and committed, all communication and inclusion. Our processes include a range of exclusive property management software, keeping us up to date with tenancy services and resources.

We use cloud based property tree management solution automates all communication, transactions and integration, offering personalised information for the landlords and tenants.

"The apartments are so modern and clean, we loved staying in them while our house was being repaired."

"We loved our stay so much, we didn't want to go back home."

"The apartments were an ideal, cost effective solution in the strained accommodation market in Christchurch. Our team was very content with their home away from home, especially being able to leave their personal belongings at the apartment when travelling back to their home base."

What our clients say: